Friday, April 24, 2009


Alonso.Best Passer.
Gerrard.Best Player

Videos of my Bros at their best are at the bottom.B4 watching study and obey this few rules.1.Love Lfc 2.Gerrard's the best player in the world 3.Alonso's the best passer in the world 4. I ,ZK10 will replace Gerrard and later on Messi as best player in the world 5. Hate Man Utd 6.Bro's b4 Ho's. These are simple rules so Learn them Love them Live them....I am your King thats not a rule coz thats a bloody fact.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eli Bday

Me and some Chow Kit 'workers';-)
Kenny,Pheiz,Eli,Alison and The Hot One
Alison and Me(sorry dono how to smile...but....still....Im sizzling.Owh!

Today was Eli's bday. First was lunch.I was so blur I just eat whats nearest to me than hear Alison hate story.Quite funny than she suddenly say she hate me and show some bloody face.btw she said she hated me 3 times but as you noe....due to my hotness Im just irresistable.Than went bowling the end i scored a freaking strike for Snoopy Nel.Give that Pup a chance la right?Than go arcade which kinda sucked than go choco lounge.take some photos than I realize how fat Ali actually is.Ouch.Sorry babe;-)O but b4 that some RM9.99 a night girl named Kar Shan came to 1U all the way from Kuantan I think....just to see and touch me....haih...what to do..I so hot.Gangsta mah diu..than now I lazy think and type so I will change later or never....and btw...F u!!!;-)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ended Streak

Today was games-koko day. I was not looking forward to basketball as I know I suck and that I may never score again.But then the team was chosen and mine consisted of Kenny,Meng, ZH and me. so i thought....ok la...screw this shit la anyway i scored 2 in the end actually 3 but NICK Allen was sitiing outside the court like a asshole and it was cancelled anyway not only that I also blockewd a shot from Nel and although he was short it was cool.I also deflected a few and intersepted one I think.O and I still suck coz I shot some beautiful airballs..AWESOME!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sprots Thingy!

First of all I would like to thank Alison for helping me with this blog eventhough i have no idea how to use the bloody thing now..thx anyways.Bak to the topic..yesterday was the sports practice was so hot that Drogba(Dogba) would have been burnt till he was colourless.First for John was the 200m run...although i won 2nd theres ntg to be proud of coz as I said.....its John.Paul the red eared freak of nature won first.When he won he moved his body around sayin I won I won!!He kinda looked as if he had a certain symptom or disease...creepy..Than next it was the God damn long jump...bloody Cock I jumped as if there was no such thing as gravity and I din get chosen...WTF right...even Luke house members were amzed at how amazingly far I jumped...even the great Michael Jordan had ntg to say di..and I din get chosen...Screw those judges...I gonna tell them to take their asthigmatism affected eyeballs out and wash them with thier own piss lick it and put it back into their decaying pieace of shit face..I cant believe it and so does Wade and LeBron.SCrew them kaokao man.I hope JERSUS CRIES on them man...bloody screwers.After that wass 100m...same result Reddy 1st ZK10 2nd and other 2 losers last.Oo and Rafa Benitez...Im sorry but Cant play for Liverpool right now coz I have SPM next year so I have to study..sorry ya...I know theres not many who is the Best CM like me...too bad...

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Wth happen to KGZ's eyes?!
Group(without Yao Ming)
Leaders of Anti-Lalas(Descendants of the great SSB)
What you lookin at...perverts!

Nick and me fallin asleep to Kents'I have to shit' stories

Agreement between Reds and Blues
The chain by made God himself for me
Me singning for the Genting

Last Sunday me and 8 other GangBangers went to genting.Was pretty awesome.First day we stayed in Kurves apartment playin NFL live and NFL Ps2.We(Jiann,Joe,Xheng,and I) got thrashed in NFL live and i got pulled to the wet muddy ground by the hulk Kurves.I than kicked his ass like I was breaking a toothpick.Later when we were gonna sleep.4 a-holes backstabbed me when they tought i was asleep sayin i like someone..haha..wat a bunch of asses.The next day was theme park day..we went by cable car..i was so scared like Kent is scared of ppl hands on his hair;-)Than we went for the most awesomest ride ever...the Space Shot or the Solero Shot..Freaking awesome,my ass flew off the chair as we were flying down.I felt the beautiful air of genting going up my beautifully carved ass.Than 6 of them went for corkscrew but me and jips din..wat a regret.Later we wanted to go home and watch Man U get trashed 4-1 but it was so misty and it looked as if somebody had a sperm shooting disfunction.When we got bak The Devils were leadin 1-0 but later that night the magic of The best CM in the world(me) lead Liverpool to a 4-1 win.Than we called girls that night and went home next day.I also found out Jips had Gf bye.O and the food there so freakni expensive but is like air to me so....yea...

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Sorry ppl.My story too long.That just shows how much I hate Chelsea.

A Wonderful blog

Don't cry Terry,we know you suck
Drogba a.k.a Dogba


Once upon a time,there was an ugly little girl named John Terry.She had a special ability.She could scare of thiefs and bandits with her most powerful weapon.....her god damn ugly face.One day as she, her retarted friend Nicholas Anelka and their testicle-less dog named Didier Drogba were walking in the woods of Moscow looking for a certan treasure left by the Gods Liverpool.And as they were skipping through the woods like a bunch of sissys making out with each other they ran into three strong gigantic bandits.There was a gay-looking one named Christiano Ronaldo,an overgrown baboon named Anderson and an old man named Van der Sar.These three bandits challenged the retards.All they had to do was to throw balls into a basket.The winner would get a map which leads to the treasure.Terry accepted this challenge.When the duel started,Ronaldo was the first to go.But there was a distraction.It was a 100$ note from Madrid,he was thinkin hard wheter to take it because he needed money to purchase some overaged whores but he decided that he wanted man instead.Finally he threw the ball but he missed.Next it was Anelka's turn.You may be wonderin how Drogba lost its testis...well,Anelka kinda bit them off out of the blue.Anelka missed and was seen rubbing something long and black against his face.Then it was the baboon Anderson's turn.Anderson got it in and celebrated as if he smoked ten packets of pot.Then finally it was Terry's turn but this time she had to throw the ball past Van der Sar into the basket.This throw would determine who gets the map.Everyone was watching anxiously.Drogba was so excited that it bit its ass off.Now it couldn't piss or shit.Finally Terry makes her move,she throws it and OMG she misses it and it didn't even hit the side of the basket and Terry slipped and her dress flew up and everybody looked with their mouths fully open because there was something hanging between her legs.She was actually a haemephrodite.Lord Almighty!!Anelka said.From then on Ronnie no longer liked boys.Terry was seen crying like a messed up bitch.The End.